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Financial & Accounting Services

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Financial Consulting & Accounting Services

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Human Resources

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Early Stage
You are poised to Launch. You are building the foundational elements and infrastructure needed to scale.
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Venture Funded
Time to grow. You secured financing and need to achieve key milestones.
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Late Stage
You are building defensible systems, optimizing your team,  and focusing on your killer KPI's and exit.
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Accounting & Finance

Powering actionable business insights through sound financial practices

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Accounting & Finance Services:

/ Year

Daily processes and compliance practices as a foundation for growth

Chart of accounts
Accounts payable & receivables
Payroll processing
Reliable monthly close
Internal controls
State and local tax compliance
Sales tax risk assessment
Avalara implementation
Multi-currency considerations
Accounting clean-up
Cap table reconciliation
Scaleable tech stack
Bookkeeping Service
Finance Consulting Services
/ Year

Finance & Accounting reports as a decision-making tool

Burn rate and cash-out analysis
Financial reporting framework
Board meeting preparation and support
Revenue recognition (ASC 606)
Cost of goods sold analysis
Lease accounting treatment
R & D tax credit
Coordination with CPA firm on tax/GAAP treatment
409a valuation coordination
/ Year

Planning and systems for scale

Audit readiness
Data room for due diligence
Financial planning and forecasting
Multi entity consolidation
Scalable tech stack
Online solutions and payment engine integration
Baseline pay for founders
Stock compensation
Finance Consulting
Accounting Consulting
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Strategic Growth & Channel Services

Creating the foundation for your pipeline while minimizing burn

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Client Name

Strategic Growth & Channel Services:

/ Year

Define and quantify the impact and value your product has on your ideal customer

Founder story
Product messaging
Value to consumer (VTC)
Market & audience Validation (MAV)
Thought leadership positioning
Mission & goal matrix (MGM)
Financial modeling
Culture catalyst workshop
CEO as a Brand
Igniting culture
Pitch deck creation
Pitch coaching
Media Training
Board advisory & connection
/ Year

We help you calculate the ROI and build the channels that lead to sales and revenue

GTM Strategy
Growth Marketing
Channel Strategy
Channel Partnerships
Product testing & research
Market & Customer Validation
Revenue Strategy
Financial Model
Investor Communications
Digital Strategy
Ad Creation
Crisis Communication Playbook
Content Marketing Services
/ Year

Position your company for acquisition or scale

Strategic positioning for exit
Optimizing ROI on campaigns
GTM Plan 2.0
Growth & account based marketing
Key stakeholder communications
Leverage market authority
Media Outreach
Internal Communications
scale market authority
Pitch Deck Creation
Game Dev Pitch Decks
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Human Resources

Centering the employee experience to maximize your potential

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Human Resource Services:

Guidance and support through the full employee lifecycle: Attracting, Recruiting, Onboarding, Development, Retention, Separation and exit

/ Year


Baseline employee benefits package
Baseline pay for founders
Compensation model & packages 
Employer Brand
Stock compensation   


Baseline employee benefit package 
Compensation model & packages 
Employer Brand
/ Year

Recruiting Operations

EEOC compliant interview guidelines
Employee Offer Letters & Contracts
Employment forecasting 
Job descriptions
Interview Training

Onboarding Process

Employee  Orientation
Employee Onboarding
30, 60, 90 reviews
Employer Brand


Career pathing
Employee Training Programs
Leadership training
Thought Leadership
/ Year


Culture Integration
Work Culture
Define and activate change champions
Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging
Employee messaging and communications
Functional audit of roles and responsibilities
Performance Management
Employee Engagement Surveys


Exit Interviews
Facilitate Cobra
Employee Exit Strategy
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