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Phase Genomics

Meet Ivan Liachko and Shawn Sullivan - the innovators behind Phase Genomics, a company bridging the gap between biotech and business.

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Threshold Games cofounders Jessica Bean and June Galyer

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Every startup is a journey.

Denali Founder Consulting serves every stage of your startup story, from founding to happy exit.

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Early Stage - Foundation

You are poised to generate value. You and your team are building he foundational elements your startup needs to be investor ready and to launch.

Funded - Traction

You have key stakeholders that believe in you and have invested in your vision. Denali is the scalable resource you need to build out your team, infrastructure, and value proposition.

Late Stage - Performance

You have funding, your team is in place, and now it is time to experiencing significant growth and expansion, while keeping a strong culture.

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