Jaennaé Dinius

Co-Founder & COO

Jaennaé has over 22 years of combined sales and business operations experience. Her previous positions include co-founder and VP of Operations for a rapidly growing mortgage company, where she managed the day-to day operations with over 80 employees operating in 27 states. She demonstrates strong interpersonal skills as well as a strong sales and operational background. Jaennaé is an active member of the Seattle Art Museum Supporters (SAMS) Executive team, serving as 2013-2014 president.

Personal Interests: Jaennaé is working towards her black belt in Kempo (Kenpo Karate), and is writing her first novel. She competes in marathons and has completed 4 of the Abbott Six World Majors. She enjoys hiking, traveling, reading, writing, music, wine and food. She enjoys spending time with her husband, and their four kids.

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