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I cannot tell you how much we appreciate the work Tammie does for us – she is an essential part of our team!

Beth Montag-Schmaltz | Founder & Owner, Change

It’s been a pleasure to work with you guys. You guys have a great grasp in the field and have been advising us really well and finally I have confidence that my back office is in good hands.

Daniela Braga, co-founder & CEO | DefinedCrowd corporation

The services Denali provides are just what we need as a small startup. Our books are completely in order at all times. This is a huge weight off my shoulders when it comes to investor discussions. When I ask them for advice it’s always straight to the point and helpful.

H. Paul Hammann | Founder and CEO, Ombitron

We provide start-ups with the peace of mind that comes from knowing their accounting information is accurate, reliable, and audit-ready. Whether delivered onsite, virtually, or through a combination of on- and offsite time, our services are tailored to meet each client’s unique needs.

Contract administration

We manage client contracts and key documents to ensure they are properly executed and all contractual obligations are tracked and satisfied.

State and local tax compliance

We understand NEXUS, and we work with our clients and their tax advisors to ensure compliance in the states in which they operate. We also coordinate ongoing tax planning to find the right tax strategy for our clients.

Accounts payable and accounts receivable

To ensure a smooth business rhythm we manage payments to vendors, employee expense reports, and client billing and collections.

Payroll processing

We manage all aspects of payroll processing including state and Federal tax filings.

Financial reporting and forecasting

Our financial reports and dashboards are designed to meet the needs of investors, management teams, bankers and anyone else who relies on accurate financial information.

Reliable monthly close

We complete an audit-ready close of the books within seven business days of each month-end.

Audit-ready accounting

We go beyond bookkeeping to ensure that client financial statements are prepared in accordance with Generally-Accepted Accounting Principles (“GAAP”). When our clients are audited, the process goes smoothly.

Integration with online solutions

Whether our clients use QuickBooks online (or other accounting systems), or use online banking and payroll services, we can manage financial operations remotely as if we were sitting at the next desk.

Cloud-based storage

All accounting records are securely stored and organized in the Cloud, easily accessed by authorized individuals.

Cash flow forecasting

We track where cash is spent and how long it will last.

Denali’s flexible pricing and services can be scaled up or down, depending on client needs and budgets

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